At CherryField, we take pride in our children's wear tailoring skills, our state-of-the-art global production capabilities, and our reputation for consistent quality, on-time delivery and affordable prices.

From suits to formal shirts, trousers and sport jackets, our dedicated customer-focused teams offer our retail partners a variety of capabilities that serve the increasing challenges of today's market demands.

We provide children's wear buyers with a competitive edge, thanks to our in-house design near the market, fit technologists, sourcing team, product development specialists and manufacturing units in the right locations around the world.

CherryField combines style and safety with the latest innovations such as durable, water repellent and washable fabrics, to ensure long lasting satisfaction for children and parents.

Our products serve different needs from school uniforms to special occasions, and can be made to your required price point.


CherryField’s close-to-market, trend-setting design teams are well known for their children's wear casual creative collections, individually designed for our retail partners.

We create fast and precise children's casualwear quality goods with a competitive lead time in a variety of price points, thanks to our in-depth market knowledge, global sourcing professional teams and customer-led dedicated production units based in variety of locations around the world.

Our design teams are located near the marketplace and our manufacturing is in the right geographical locations to add to your competitive edge.

CherryField ensures that your end consumer and his parents enjoy safety and style combined with the latest innovation such as water repellent, stain resistant, iron-free and durable fabrics.

We offer a wide range of products from casual shirts and trousers, casual tops and jackets to swimwear all in woven or knits.


CherryField‘s children's outer wear products are known for their unique style created by our close-to-market design teams and professional product development technicians. We provide global sourcing and customer-led manufacturing execution in a variety of production locations depending on the product.

We control a variety of state-of-the-art production units in different locations, allowing us the versatile capacity and timing to serve our retail partners’ needs.

CherryField ensures that your young end consumer and his parents will enjoy safety and style with the latest innovations such as water repellent, stain resistant and durable fabrics.

Our children's outerwear, year-round capabilities vary from quilted jackets to raincoats, denim jackets and overcoats, all built to the required price point.

Our attention to detail, transparent culture and dedicated team ensure a well-managed, reliable process, and your full satisfaction.